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   Founded in 2013, Flipscloud is the market leader of the advance quantum level encryption system.

The company’s mission is to create high security and strong encryption solutions that will be protect Internet of Things (IoT) platform ,end-to-end and big data security. Flipscloud currently focus on adaptive defense technology on Internet if Things ( IoT ) platform ,cloud services and big data market.

Our mission

The mission of Flipscloud is to create high security and strong encryption algorithm that will be protect everyone privacy data and big data.




In addition to our product development, Flipscloud is also successfully committed to fundamental research work.

The knowledge gained hereby immediately flows into our products , and is, furthermore, of great importance to the cryptocurrency and quantum encryption technology with regard to the building advance Blockchain.

Our innovative strength is documented by numerous patent applications submitted to the Worldwide patent office.

Currently, we have 9 patents granted and 5 patents pending, the majority of them concerning the privacy

protection, quantum random number generators, hybrid encryption, Key management, Post-quantum cryptography,multi-factors auth technology, the V2X, V2V, as well as the 5G communication and IoT security platform.

(update:  2018)

If you are manufacturer yourself, and would like to make use of our patents, please let us know. We will be glad to cooperate.