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Encryption Technologies

Encryption is a technique that uses math to transform information in a way that makes it unreadable to anyone except those with special knowledge, usually referred to as a “key ”. There are many applications of encryption technologies, but some of the most important uses help to protect the security and privacy of files on your computer, information passing over the Internet, or left sitting in a file on someone else’s computer. If encryption is used properly, the information should only be readable by you and people that receive the key from you. Encryption provides a very strong technical protection against many kinds of threats — and this protection is often easy to obtain. Many public cloud storage offer different encryption technologies to protect user privacy normally is AES-128 bits or AES (Advance Encryption Standard ) – 256 bits encryption algorithm, but it is a defenseless encryption from 10 years ago. In near future, the current encryption algorithm is easy to be cracked by cloud computing and quantum computing. Now, Flipscloud quantum level encryption is capable to defense quantum computing attacks to ensure your privacy and data safe in public space.

Cyber Security
data security

Data Security

Recently, the problems of network security and privacy leaks increase very quickly. These problems raised doubts in the minds of many – ” Is the cloud really secure ?

It is the fact, from 2013 to 2014, many cyber-attacks result from weak network and software encryption. At this moment, it is the front burner to upgrade the encryption to the next level – 4 generation. Now, the quantum encryption system is released after our efforts for couple years.

In order to protect the cloud network security, we develop new random generator to protect privacy and cloud data on the network. The first stage we release the online viewer –dynamic digital watermark for PDF format and 2xAES-256 bits encryption .In the near future, our task is to release A.I. Artificial Intelligence of big data encryption.