Transcedence of Cyber Security and Encryption Technologies

All Features of FlipsCloud Technologies

protect your cloud data and privacy -quantum level encryption
  • Adaptive prevent confidential data & document leak online web browser
  • ADD any file format for AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard )
   - Quantum Level 2x AES-256 bit Encryption
   - Over US Military Level Encryption
   - Meet US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication197.
  • Convert and reduce over 300 file formats to PDF ISO-32000-2 AES-256Encryption with different user password , owner password and watermark.
  • WEB-BASE Document Online Viewer – HTML5 / Flash
  • Dynamic Digital Fingerprint Watermark for Document – Online Convert
   - Multiline Watermark : IP address , User Name , Any text , Stamp ,Fingerprint
Digital Signature ,Image, 1D barcode , 2D barcode ,QRcode
  • Support Linux ( from 32 bit ARM cpu to x64 cpu ) , FreeBSD , UNIX (x86/x64) ,Windows (x86/x64) platform
  • Support from embedded platform (ex:Multifunction Printer / NAS ) toPrivate ,Public and Hybrid cloud platform (ex:Google Drive,Apple icloud)
  • Support 1 User to 1 billion Users online operation simultaneously.