Data security and Data Breach will become more serious issue in the age of big data.Increasing encryption strength of big data is top priority for cloud.
protect your cloud data and privacy -quantum level encryption
  • Adaptive prevent confidential data & document leak online web browser
  • ADD any file format for AES ( Advanced Encryption Standard )
   - Quantum Level 2x AES-256 bit Encryption
   - Over US Military Level Encryption
   - Meet US Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication197.
  • Convert and reduce over 300 file formats to PDF ISO-32000-2 AES-256Encryption with different user password , owner password and watermark.
  • WEB-BASE Document Online Viewer – HTML5 / Flash
  • Dynamic Digital Fingerprint Watermark for Document – Online Convert
   - Multiline Watermark : IP address , User Name , Any text , Stamp ,Fingerprint
Digital Signature ,Image, 1D barcode , 2D barcode ,QRcode
  • Support Linux ( from 32 bit ARM cpu to x64 cpu ) , FreeBSD , UNIX (x86/x64) ,Windows (x86/x64) platform
  • Support from embedded platform (ex:Multifunction Printer / NAS ) toPrivate ,Public and Hybrid cloud platform (ex:Google Drive,Apple icloud)
  • Support 1 User to 1 billion Users online operation simultaneously.

We have different version for your organization and business scale.

internet of things
flipscloud solution on virtual machine

Flipscloud Solution Add to Virtual Machine

Flipscloud system is web base system, it is mean that you can use any browser to see the document in your private cloud system it also support linux and windows virtual machine on openstack and cloudstack cloud system , Build you own cloud storage on your location .No need rely on public cloud service ,moreover , it can be run web server on ARM 32 bit x86 system smoothly , it is perfect and powerful for embedded cloud system ,for example multi-function printer (MFP) , NAS , Router ,Firewall.

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