IoT Security - Internet of Things -Security
Iot security

Internet of Things (IoT) Security

Iot security

Internet of Things (IoT) Security – 7 Security Layers Structure

During our research , we found issues of IoT security such as following :

  • Poor Authentication and Authorization
  • Poor Encryption strength
  • Poor key Management
  • Poor Random Number Generator
  • Insecure Web Interface
  • Insecure Firmware
  • Insecure Communication Protocol (wireless)
  • No Adaptive Redundant Design for system level
  • No Adaptive Isolation Design for system
  • No Adaptive Defence Design for system
the internet of things security

Iot security -internet of things security is for wide applications , the security is key success for any Iot applications and platform .The quantum level encryption can defense most network and cyber attack.The emerging Internet of Things has tremendous potential, but also tremendous dangers.

New systems and protocols, developed quickly and through grassroots efforts, do not foresee these threats, with the result that it takes decades to react and make these systems secure. For the Internet of Things, this danger is even more acute due to scale and interaction with the physical world. Internet threats today steal credit cards number ,personal privacy and confidential document. Internet threats tomorrow will attack home security systems, mobile, car ,factory production and company confidential data.the password is not able to protect your Iot data and platform , only the strong encryption can do it .

The Flipscloud solution (quantum level encryption) can defense all threats from brute force and other attacks.

Support all ARM and Imagination CPU single core and multi-core -32 bit /64 bit

Minimum Hardware Requirement : ARM V6 and Imagination single core 32 bit with DDR2: 256 MB RAM.

Iot security

The Risk of Internet of Things and Wearable Technologies

Iot security

The applications of Internet of Things and Wearable Technologies